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Hundreds of fabulous fashionistas, just like yourself, have chosen to up-skill themselves and commit to learning the business side of Styling - not just the fashion side. 

They've said YES! to themselves and YES! to their future as a successful Stylist, and today you can too.


"ANYONE wanting, dreaming or considering a fashion career, stylist or not, should take this course. It’s full of knowledge that won’t be learnt anywhere else! At the peak of her career Amber has taught me things that I haven’t learnt at Uni studying fashion. It is an amazing course filled with such insight, love and passion that it was well worth the money. It has really given me clarity." 

Jess Morrison
Stylist at Review

No matter where you are in your styling career, there is a program here for you!

If you're a newbie stylist wanting to break into the biz, check out the Intro Course.
Or if you're working stylista wanting to step it up to the next level...check out the Masterclasses.

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Daydreaming during your 9-5 about how you’re going to break into the world of Fashion Styling?

Shot a few of your own shoots, but have no real strategy or knowledge about how to turn that into a profitable career?

Frustrated that your ‘Fashion Styling Degree’ hasn’t taught you any of the actual basics of building a successful business?

Got Fashion Styling in your blood, but have no desire, energy or funds to study a full-time course?

In this Intro to Fashion Styling free video series, I break down the foundations you’ll need to start building a solid, successful career as a Fashion Stylist.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then...




Sick and tired of working on ‘no budget’ shoots?

Unsure of how to build relationships with agencies and stores so that you can borrow clothing for editorial shoots?

Wanna be the ‘go-to’ stylist for your photographer or dream clients?

Dream of becoming the Fashion Editor of a National glossy mag, or the Resident Stylist at a major National TV Network??

I’ve done both, and in this hangout I teach you some techniques to help you achieve this.

This hangout has everything you need to be an uber-successful Editorial & Advertising Stylist...





Dream of dressing Celebs for global Red Carpet events but have no idea how to go about it?

Worked with a few personal clients, but unsure of how to turn them into raving fans and repeat clients?

Wanna get behind the scenes of how I personally conduct a Celebrity Fitting, a Wardrobe Audit and a Personal Shopping sesh?

I’ve dressed some of our Nations’ biggest celebs for events like the Cannes Film Festival, and worked with hundreds of personal clients from CEO’s and BDM’s right through to Mums, Dads and daughters.

In this training series, I share with you exactly how I did that!




Amber Renae has definitely motivated me more than any of my lecturers so far!

You can clearly tell that Amber is established within the industry and knows what she is talking about unlike some other online courses. 

Tessa Chapman

Super Informative!
This course is packed with tips and tricks.

I think Amber Renae gives a little more than expected.
Very much worth taking.

LáQuandra McWillie

A real education!!  Wow I thought I knew a lot about styling.

This girl really knows her stuff!
Really educated me on the business side of things and how to build my brand.

Paul from Style Street


As someone who completed Amber's Beginning Course and is already working in the field, I feel completely secure in recommending this course to anyone who is serious about learning the ins and outs of becoming a Wardrobe Stylist.

Amber Renae is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and obviously passionate about helping others to succeed on this career path. She's an inspiration!  you are likely to get so much more out of this course than the numerous others costing thousands online that require months to complete!!

Farah Husain from Full Service Styling

As the course went on I felt more and more eager and ignited by the content.

I now feel like being a stylist is what I’m meant to do and I see there is no limit to pursuing my passion fully. 

Klozet Freak Sherisse Renée 

A must-do for anyone pursuing a career in styling!
Very informative, educational and inspiring. Amber has a no nonsense approach and doesn’t ramble on.

She provides practical tips and tools to make you ready to get to work!

Ryan Collins 



I’m here to teach you all the things about becoming a successful Stylist that you were never taught.

I'm willing to bet that you know how to throw a fabulous outfit together, but the thought of turning that into a viable, full-time business makes you feel confused and overwhelmed. 

This is the stuff you we're never taught, but you've done OK so far.   You've got an idea of what you should be doing but you have so many niggly questions that stop you from making any real progress.  

Hi, I’m Amber Renae, the Style Engineer, I landed this title not just because I'm a qualified Civil Engineer, but because I'm one of Australia's leading 
Celebrity Stylists, Fashion Editors and Influencers.  

Over the past decade, I’ve styled some of our favourite Celebs for events like the Cannes film festival, been the Fashion Editor for a glossy National publication, had my styling work appear on billboards and magazine covers all over the Country and created content for International brands that's reached every corner of the globe.
(Hint: you can see who I'm talking about below).

Despite all of these glamorous achievements, the stuff that really gets me going is helping people, just like you, achieve your dreams; because my true passion in life is educating and empowering people to be the best possible versions of themselves that they can be.  

 I've taught Fashion Styling at all of the major Fashion Institutions in the Country and I've helped hundreds of Men and Women, educating them on Styling.  But I was always left feeling frustrated after each class, cause I was given a limited time and an even more limited curriculum to teach.  

So whilst I was adding value to these students I knew that there was WAY more that they needed to know.  

And I knew that I could teach it.   

SO I wanted to share this knowledge with you here, and give you the headstart that I never had. 

Check out your favourite training program, and let me help you build the business you love!


I've collaborated with and created content for global organisations, such as the below:

"You can quickly see why Amber is a successful stylist after just a few minutes into this course. Her knowledge on the industry is expansive. She answered all the little niggly questions I had about the industry in a way that was clear and made sense. I have already taken baby steps to become a stylist but now Amber has given me the confidence and the knowledge I need to push through."

Rebecca Jane
Rebecca Jane Styling