Amber Renae is a Personal Branding expert who educates and empower entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Fashion Stylist Online Workshop 

Taught by Celebrity Stylist & Fashion Editor, Amber Renae 

How to become a Stylist and get PAID Work in the 6 types of Fashion Styling this month!

Hundreds of fabulous fashionistas, just like yourself, have chosen to up-skill themselves and commit to learning the business side of Styling - not just the fashion side.

They've said YES! to themselves and YES! to their future as a successful Stylist, and today you can too.

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Here's what you will learn...

  • How to get consistent paid jobs as a Professional Stylist, and how much to charge

  • How to attract your dream shopping clients and photographers
  • How to setup a Stylist Kit, a Website and a Portfolio (P.S. you DON'T need a resume or a DEGREE!)

  • How to be a superstar networker and get your work published and in front of designers and brands

Your hostess and #bossbabe, Amber Renae

+ 70,000 strong global community of Stylists, Entrepreneurs and #Bossbabes

+ 6-figure Celebrity Stylist and Fashion Editor

+ The only Stylist in the World to reach this level, who is now teaching the next generation of Stylists what they REALLY need to know to succeed!

I walk the talk. 

Join me & let me help you succeed.

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