How to grow, market and monetise your Instagram

Grow Market Monetise

For the past two weeks I’ve been offering a 4-part series on how to grow, market and monetise your Instagram platform. Read on for the tips and tools I swear by, to grow your Insta empire and attract dream clients.

Part 1 //




Watch my video to find out what you should be posting and …

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Why your money beliefs are stopping you from living your best life

Redefining Money Beliefs live amber renae

It’s a common belief system to think we’re not worthy of great things.

We look at others and think “they have it all”, but have you ever stopped to think why they do and you don’t?

The mind is a beautiful and complex thing but when recurring negative thoughts abound, we develop limiting beliefs about a whole myriad of things — …

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Global Game-Changers Share their Wisdom: 80 Experts.

Summit 2.1

This month I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my wisdom at not one, but two summits full of valuable content from inspiring and knowledgeable experts that will skyrocket your biz into the stratosphere!

And the best part is….they’re both free and full to the brim of big biz tips. What more could you want?

Just a heads up in case you’re new …

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How to be videogenic and influential (even if you weren’t born with it) – The Born to Influence Interview

Born to Influence interview thumbnail 2

This week I was lucky enough to be a guest on Esther “Pinky” Kiss’s fabulously insightful live stream show and podcast, Born to Influence.


Esther is a PR extraordinaire in addition to producer and host of this content-rich series where she interviews influential people (aww shucks!) about the marketing and PR strategies that skyrocketed them to entrepreneurial success.

I was …

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How to stop negative thoughts and limiting beliefs

how to stop negative thoughts without play button

Did you know the average person has between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts a day? 95% of which are repeated daily.

And of those a whopping 80% are negative thoughts.


Remembering the negative used to serve us well in the good ole’ days of being chased by sabre-toothed tigers (OK, ‘good’ might not be the right word for it…) but today they’re …

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Free from Fear: My Sure Fire Way to Turn Fear into Fuel

Fear into Fuel - revised

Fear is such a funny little (or big) thing.

We’re conditioned by society to move away from our fears – it’s what holds us back from entering dangerous situations like crossing a street of oncoming traffic or heading down a dark alleyway, late at night.

But fear can also hold us back from something we know would be hugely beneficial …

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How To Cultivate Confidence Through Inspired Action

cultivating confident revised

Want to know the key to building confidence? Well, it’s kind of right there, in the semantics – if you want it, you have to build it.

Nobody just woke up one day possessing great confidence – it takes time, patience and self-love.

Whether you have it or not, you’ll agree that it can influence every aspect of your life, so it’s definitely …

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Embrace The Biggest Business Trend of 2017

2017s biggest business trend revised

What if I told you there was a powerful new way to form authentic connections, create heartfelt engagement and build the much-needed trust factor with your ideal customer? Something that enables you to build authority in your brand every time you do it, it’s the biggest business trend for 2017, it fits in your pocket, and – best of …

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My Mindfulness Technique: How You Can Manifest Great Things in 3 Minutes

my no 1 mindfulness technique revised

If you haven’t heard of or implemented mindfulness before, then you’re missing out BIG TIME.

Understanding the power of this practice and how it can manifest a whole new way of looking at the world is a huge part of starting my day right.

You may not know this, but we’re actually supposed to be living an abundant life for ourselves, not …

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How I Practice Stunning Vulnerability And The Aftermath of a Vulnerable Year

stunning vulnerability revised

Following a year of uncomfortable conversations, challenging situations and vulnerable soul shares; I’ve realised that these moments were actually my favourite moments of the year.

Not because I’m a sucker for punishment…yes they did produce hectic ‘Vulnerability Hangovers’.  You know what I’m talking about right – that feeling where you feel like you’re walking down the street naked, exposing …

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Ditch the list: Never make a New Year’s resolution again!

amber renae new year years resolution entrepreneur stylist 2017 2016

Are you ready for the New Year? (She says as champagne flutes prematurely clink!)


With only a few hours left of 2016, I’m guessing you could be one of the many who are:

     –  Over the moon to say good riddance to 2016

     –  Stockpiling the champers in anticipation

     –  Writing your resolutions as we speak


But …

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The 93%: delivering your message through first impressions

93 percent first impressions amber renae


Do you remember how you felt the last time you walked out of your home feeling like you had it all going on? 


You said, “outta my way!” as you energetically flung open the front door and danced into the sunlight, beaming with confidence. You were ready to take on the day and anything (or anyone) who crossed your path. Come …

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