Amber Renae is a Personal Branding expert who educates and empower entrepreneurs and small business owners.

 It's all about you and me babe!

Let me start off by sharing a little about me, so you know who you're hanging with, then I'd be honoured to hear a little more about you.

For years I've had the pleasure (and sometimes hardship) of working across arguably the toughest industries around. 

I began my career as a Civil Engineer building bridges and roads on a construction site. I painted my steel-cap boots pink and my colleagues called me "Pinky". So if you're currently in a career that doesn't light you up...believe me, I feel ya!

As much fun as it was playing in the dirt with the boys, I always knew Engineering wasn't my thing and that fashion was my passion, so I went from constructing roads, to constructing dresses and started my own fashion label. From humble beginnings as a one woman show on a sewing machine, spreading word through local press, I built (ha, get it) things up until we were exporting to five countries and dressing some of the biggest celebs of the time, like Paris Hilton.  

After this success I was asked to be a designer on Project Runway which was an unforgettable experience, but following that I knew I needed a break from designing, so I trusted my intuition which led me to the (not-so) glamorous world of Fashion Styling.  

In just four short years I held some of the most auspicious styling contracts in the Country including being the Fashion Editor for Womens Health and Fitness magazine and the resident stylist at our biggest Radio and TV Network. At the same time I was working as the Resident Reporter for Fashion TV. 

Whilst it was beautiful to watch my glowing celeb clients grace the red carpets of international events like the Cannes Film Festival, I knew there was more to my life. 

So as scary as it was, I started the next chapter in my entrepreneurial journey and launched my e-learning portal. My very first course teaches people how to run a profitable styling business and to this day, I am the only stylist in the World who has achieved this level of real-world success who is now giving back and helping the next generation of stylists.  

My signature program, Amplify Your Impact, helps female entrepreneurs amplify their impact, increase their influence and sky-rocket their profits, and is truly the culmination of all the knowledge I've gained as a Celebity Stylist, Fashion Editor and TV Presenter, and buiding globally recognised brands. 

Whether its on camera, on a stage, or even just client facing, this course helps women discover and utilise the Power of WOW, and many describe it as “the missing link to their entrepreneurial success”. 

I love growing, embracing change, and saying "what's next?"

After running three successful businesses, I took the time to look inward and when I thought about what was next this time, I realised -- it wasn't about me. 

It was at that point I brought my passion for teaching others to the forefront and thought about how I could give to others what it's taken me a decade to learn.  

So that's just what I did (and still do)! 

I love helping entrepreneurs and small business owners take their businesses to the next level. 

From the inexperienced who are starting their first biz adventure to those trying to navigate the next step in their empire, I have the delight of helping others achieve their #BossBabe potential.

Whether you want to dive into our free video and blog content or join me in one of my paid courses, I care deeply about giving you not only the strategic tools and knowledge but also the mindset techniques you need to live the life you've always dreamed of.  

I've been behind a desk working for someone else's vision. I've created my own vision of my perfect life and business. And now I thrive on helping others to do the same.  

So, what's your big business and life dream?  

Whatever your goal, mine is to help you get to the point where I can pinch you and say, "you're not dreaming anymore".

 So yeah, I'm basically all about the feels. 

Ok enough about me, since we're now pretty much besties, I'd love to hear more about you. 

Click here to join my #bossbabes squad and let me know what lights you up! 

Long Media Bio

Civil Engineer, serial Entrepreneur, Fashion Editor and TV Presenter, Amber Renae is a celebrated style icon who draws on her vast life experience to motivate, enlighten and entertain her audiences.

A qualified Civil Engineer, Amber transitioned from constructing roads to constructing dresses when she started her own fashion label in 2002. The label earned industry acclaim and achieved retail success in high-end boutiques across Australia, Japan, France, New Zealand and the United States. Closer to home, Amber’s collections were snapped up by Australian retail heavyweight Myer and its appeal among celebrities including Paris Hilton ensured the label’s editorial success in Madison, Shop till you Drop, and Cosmopolitan magazines.

A celebrated style icon, Amber has been recognised with her appointment to the board of the inaugural Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, was selected to discuss ‘Innovation in Fashion’ with the Australian Government’s Parliamentary Secretary for Trade, and featured in the second series of the highly successful Arena TV production of Project Runway Australia.

This phenomenal success led to her appointments as Fashion Editor for Australian Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine, the resident stylist for Australia’s largest media network, Southern Cross Austereo, and her role as the resident fashion presenter on Foxtel’s Fashion TV where she has interviewed leading international celebrities including Andie MacDowell, Melissa George, Mel B, Rose Byrne and Ruby Rose. 

Through her successful and innovative online ecourse learning platform, Amber now teaches the power of personal branding, presentation and publicity whilst captivating her 70,000 global audience with her magnetic personality.

Short Media Bio

Civil Engineer, serial entreprenuer, motivational speaker, and digital nomad Amber Renae inspires women to re-discover their 'Wow' factor through presentation, personal branding and self-love.

Not only is she an icon for style, but she’s also an icon for women's empowerment, through her phenomenal entrepreneurial success story, having built three, 6-figure businesses in arguably the toughest Industries, she is passionate about sharing her advice, wisdom and experiences to her peers and 70,000 strong global community. 

Press & Media Kit

Speaking and Events

Inspiring. Engaging. Entertaining. These are the words commonly used to describe Ambers speaking style. 

A seasoned TV Presenter, Amber has interviewed some of the biggest names in showbusiness including Andie Macdowell, Ruby Rose and Rosy Byrne, has MC'd to thunderous crowds all over Australia, and is now one of the countries most sought-after speakers for both corporate and private events. 

Passionate and enthusiastic, Ambers exuberant and contagious energy, leaves crowds feeling pumped up, motivated and ready to take action. 

Some of Ambers favourite topics include the Power of Personal Branding, Style to Succeed: The impact of appearance in the corporate environment, Productivity Hacks for a Simple Life, Career change and following your dreams, The importance of mindfulness and self-love in building confidence and success. 

She is available for Master of Ceremony duties, keynote presentations, corporate workshops, conferences, and private events. 

Wanna know what the crowds have to say about Amber? 

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