Amber Renae is a Personal Branding expert who educates and empower entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Oh hey BOSS BABE are you ready to supercharge your impact, escalate your influence and skyrocket your success?!  

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Hi, I'm Amber Renae

A Civil Engineer, serial Entrepreneur, Fashion Editor and TV Presenter, who draws on vast life experience to motivate, enlighten and educate other entrepreneurs to follow their big biz dreams.

I walk the talk 

After building my third, 6-figure business, in arguably the toughest Industries around, I realised I knew a thing or two about creating powerful, global and memorable brands. 

If you're a freelancer, small business owner, consultant or entreprenuer, who has passion and purpose but you need a little help, presenting your message powerfully, gaining more visibility and influence in your niche, and becoming a recognised personal brand, then you're in the right place. 

Everyday I help bossbabes, like you, to transform their brands not only through tools and strategy but also by building the confidence and mindset you need to achieve your dreams.

It's your time to shine, baby.  

How Can I Help You? 

 Let me inspire you, empower you and educate you, with the tools you need to live your dreams.  

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If you get the inside right, the outside falls into place. 

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