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How you can manifest great things for yourself in 3 minutes with my #1 mindfulness technique


If you haven’t heard of or implemented mindfulness before, then you’re missing out BIG TIME.

Understanding the power of this practice and how it can manifest a whole new way of looking at the world is a huge part of starting my day right.

You may not know this, but we’re actually supposed to be living an abundant life for ourselves, not …

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How I practice stunning vulnerability and the aftermath of a vulnerable year


Following a year of uncomfortable conversations, challenging situations and vulnerable soul shares; I’ve realised that these moments were actually my favourite moments of the year.

Not because I’m a sucker for punishment…yes they did produce hectic ‘Vulnerability Hangovers’.  You know what I’m talking about right – that feeling where you feel like you’re walking down the street naked, exposing …

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Ditch the list: Never make a New Year’s resolution again!

amber renae new year years resolution entrepreneur stylist 2017 2016

Are you ready for the New Year? (She says as champagne flutes prematurely clink!)


With only a few hours left of 2016, I’m guessing you could be one of the many who are:

     –  Over the moon to say good riddance to 2016

     –  Stockpiling the champers in anticipation

     –  Writing your resolutions as we speak


But …

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The 93%: delivering your message through first impressions

93 percent first impressions amber renae


Do you remember how you felt the last time you walked out of your home feeling like you had it all going on? 


You said, “outta my way!” as you energetically flung open the front door and danced into the sunlight, beaming with confidence. You were ready to take on the day and anything (or anyone) who crossed your path. Come …

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Don’t be brand new, be brand you!

brand amber renae black white


Have you ever thought about changing something about yourself?

Oh c’mon now, we all have.

Perhaps a better question should be: when was the last time you thought about changing yourself?

I recently read an article about how perfection can be a motivation killer and it got me thinking…I’m a seriously busy bossbabe who relies on motivation to thrive, so I have to be …

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#BossBabe Business Booster Challenge is on!

BossBabe Business Booster Challenge

If you are an entrepreneur in the making or a small business owner and you feel that your business needs a little boost, than I would like to welcome you to

5-day #BossBabe Business Booster Challenge!

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The ‘S’ word: Why your brand needs you to stop saying sorry


We seem to be in the midst of an epidemic. As I stood in line at a local café this morning, a barista lovingly poured milk into an espresso for the woman ahead of me.

When he went to hand it across the counter she said, “I’m so sorry for all the change!” as though the register wouldn’t be …

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The importance of self-care Sundays

self-care sundays entrepreneur work from home personal brand consultant

What an insanely busy world we live in! No matter what your position, people are becoming more and more overworked. Even despite the big bad truth that it’s not making you any more productive  and it could be damaging your health.

As an entrepreneur with a chronically busy diary, I easily fall into the whole “I’ll just do a couple …

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30 Day Course Creation Challenge

30daybanner_2 (1)

Call me crazy, but I’m doing it!

I’m making a public declaration that I will create my latest e-course from scratch, in the next 30 days! 

What’s that you say…ooooh she cray cray

Maybe. Probably. But I’m going for it, and I need your help! I need you to hold me …

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Why I proposed to myself, and why you should to…

utube thumbnail edit3 image

This is the scariest post I’ve ever written, and not something I would normally share, but here goes….

I assume most people would look at me and what I do in this world and think, ‘She must have great self-love and self-confidence!”

And you’d be partly right!

Self-confidence I have in spades. Courage, I have buckets of. But self-love and self-worth …

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Finding your voice in a crowded and noisy world

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We all know of those people who have that commanding presence. You know the ones, they walk into a room and you’re instantly attracted to them, want to get to know them, maybe even befriend them. They let out a kind of positive and confident energy that people can’t help but admire.

Last night I was lucky enough to …

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Why building self-confidence is so important (and how to improve yours)

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Earlier this week I caught the media launch of the upcoming show Dream Lover starring David Campbell. Watching him perform a few numbers, got me thinking about confidence. So let’s talk about that for a minute, or lack thereof it.

You know, that elusive element that stops us from pursuing a lot of our dreams and chasing our goals.


I’ve …

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